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Is located at number 43 on Pelayo St. under the bluest sky in sunny Madrid.

Marianna, is American & blonde, very much a fan of the Olsen twins, Nichole Richie, pugs, pigs & Fleetwood Mac. Obsessed with evil eyes, horoscopes & anything that may bring luck.

Amaya, is Spanish & a brunette, loves orchids, owls & Ricardo Cavolo. Very much a fan of Dizzy Gillespie, Skunk Anuncie & Adriano Celentano.

United by a passion for food, friends, concerts, chilled Mahou beer, summers in Cadiz & of course fashion

One of them loves ruffles, victorian collars & provocative cuts, the other one loves black, shoes & sunglasses.

Maison 101 "Antigua lechería", is a mix of all these things & more in one place.