Lobster Roll How Do I Love The

Lobster Roll How Do I Love The
October 30, 2018 Marianna Rivero
In Foodie

Almost a year ago at Calle Gravina 17th in Madrid our breath was taken away by what we consider the best fast food in Madrid… YES that is to us the one the only Lobsterie!  own by two young French lobstermen who by their outstanding service & incomparable ability to pair flavors together  have literally stolen our hearts. Our recommendations when stopping is to try “the king of the house The lobster roll, the birch is out of the world & freshly made, infused/filled with gently sliced bogavante… major perk are the pomme frites ( the are also made in-house ) they are to die for. You can also find a great section of wine, specially the white french the usually keep on hand. Its a small menu but every single thing has been thoughtfully put together so the experience after the first taste is beyond this world. Once in a while a you will also be surprised by an off the menu dessert of the week. Lets face it you can’t go wrong!

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